Dicas de expressões em Inglês: to capitalize on (capitalizar), Run out of (ficar sem alguma coisa), Put off (adiar ou postergar)

1. Phrasal verb ´Capitalize on´  significa ´capitalizar´
 Meaning: To use a situation to your advantage 

Ex:   1. She capitalized on the sale season and bought a lot of new clothes.

         2. It was great that they capitalized on their existing product´s success.

2. Phrasal verb´Run out of´ significa  ´ficar sem alguma coisa´
Meaning: To finish, use up all of something so that there is none left
run out
Ex.   1.Many companies are running out of money.
         2.Come on! Hurry up! I have a meeting at 8am and I´m running out of                       time.
          3.This morning I ran out of milk.

3. Phrasal verb: ´Put off ´ significa  ´adiar ou postergar´ 

Meaning : To delay or move an activity to a later time
put off
Ex:  1.We were all busy on Friday so we had to put off the dinner for next week. 
         2.The meeting had to be put off due to an urgent client call.
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