Dicas de Expressões em Inglês: the gift of gab, peaches and cream, hit the nail on the head, took the bull by the horns

1. ´ To have the gift of gab´ significa ´ser bom de bico ou ter o dom da palavra´
 Meaning: The ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you, believe you and you are able to persuade people
ExHe has the gift of gab. He should work in sales and marketing./ Ele tem o dom da palavra. Ele deve trabalhar em vendas e marketing.
The client was difficult, but Susan was able to convince them. She has the gift of gab./O cliente foi difícil, mas Susan conseguiu convencê-los. Ela tem o dom da palavra.
2. ´Peaches and cream´ significa  (1) Pele clara (2) Situação agradável
1.Adjective– clear, fresh, glowing skin or complexion

            Ex. She developed a peaches and cream complexion during pregnancy. / Ela desenvolveu pele clara durante gravidez.

        2. Noun– A situation in which everything is pleasant and easy

            Ex. The team has a difficult deadline but he´s acting as if everything is peaches and cream. /  A equipe tem um prazo difícil, mas ele está agindo se tudo estivesse tranquilo.

3. ´ Hit the nail on the head ´ significa ´Acertar em cheio´ ou ´Acertar na mosca´

Meaning: If you say someone has hit the nail on the head, you think they are exactly right about something- that they have described exactly what is causing a problem or situation
Ex. 1. I think Jack hit the nail on the head when he said what´s lacking in our team is passion. / Acho que o Jack acertou em cheio quando disse que o que falta na nossa equipe é paixão.
2. Amy instantly caught the flaw, she hit the nail on the head. / Amy imediatamente percebeu a falha, ela acertou na mosca.
4.  ´ Take the bull by the horns ´ significa ´ Pegar o touro pelo chifres    ´
Meaning:  To act decisively to control a difficult  situation. To do something difficult in a brave and determined way.
Ex. 1. My mid-level managers constantly delayed projects, so I took the bull by the horns and fired many of them . / Meus gerentes de nível médio atrasavam projetos constantemente, então peguei o touro pelos chifres e demiti muitos deles. 
2. I think you should take the bull by the horns and tell him to leave. / Eu acho que você deveria pegar o touro pelos chifres e dizer a ele para ir embora.
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