Dicas de expressões em Inglês: Splash out (esbanjar/gastar uma fortuna), Tell off (repreender), Out of reach (fora de alcance)   

1.  ´Splash out´  significa ´esbanjar/gastar uma fortuna´
Meaning: to spend a lot of money in buying things that are pleasant to have but you don´t need

Ex:  1.She splashed out on clothes last weekend.

        2.They splashed out $3000 on a luxury holiday.

2.´Tell off´ significa ´repreender´
Meaning: to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong
Ex.  1. The teacher told him off for stealing books.
        2. My parents told me off for lying.

3.  ´Out of reach ´ significa  ´ fora de alcance    ´ 

Meaning : 1. At a distance, where something or someone can´t be touched
                   2. Incapable of being obtained due to some limitation
Ex:  1. Make sure you keep the medicine out of reach of children. 
        2. Good education is out of reach for many.
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