Dicas de Expressões em Inglês: Runaway success (grande sucesso), No sweat (sem problemas), Golden opportunity (oportunidade de ouro)

1.  ´Runaway success´  significa ´grande sucesso´

Ex:   1.The vídeo game developed by my son has become a runaway success.

2.The new sci-fi film is a runaway success in its very first week of release.
2.´No sweat´
Meaning: something is not difficult for you to do/no problem
Ex.   1.´´Can you fix my car please?´´

      ´´No sweat!´´

       2. ´´Thanks for helping me with the report.´´

      ´´No sweat!´´

3.  ´Golden opportunity ´ significa  ´ oportunidade de ouro    ´ 

Meaning : To delay or move an activity to a later time
Ex:  1.This job is a golden opportunity for you. You can´t mess it up!
        2.Working in a foreign country is a golden opportunity!
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