Dicas de expressões em inglês: Reach out, Deal with, Draw Up

1. ´Reach out´ significa ´comunicar´ / ´ oferecer ajuda´ / ´pedir ajuda´

  1.  To communicate with a person/people to help or involve them
  2.  To offer help
  3. To request help


  1. When you move to a new city, you have to reach out to people to make friends. (communicar)
  2. We aim to reach out to the homeless with the new project. (oferecer ajuda)
  3. When he lost his job he reached out to his family for help. (pedir ajuda)

2. ´Deal with´ significa  ´ lidar com  ´

Meaning: To handle a problem or a person or a situation
  1.  We have to deal with many difficult customers every day.
  2.  I have a big problem and I have to deal with it.

3. ´Draw up ´ significa ´ elaborar ou preparar documento ´

Meaning: To prepare something in writing specially a plan or a formal document like contract
  1. My lawyer drew up a contract for the new house.
  2. The HR department has drawn up the guidelines for the emergency.
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