Dicas de expressões em inglês: Put up with (tolerar), Stepping stone (um passo), At length (amplamente)

1. ´Put up with´ – with something or someone significa ´tolerar´
 Meaning:to accept or continue to accept an unpleasant situation or experience or someone who behaves badly 

Ex:   1. She is so moody – how do you put up with her?

         2. I will not put up with your bad behaviour anymore.

2. ´Stepping stone´ significa  ´um passo ´
Meaning: 1. A row of flat stones to cross a river or water
                  2. An event that helps you achieve something else  
Ex.   1. I think this job will be a stepping stone to something better.
         2. Investing in this property is a stepping stone to becoming a millionaire.

3.´At length ´ significa  ´amplamente ´ 

Meaning :In detail, fully thoroughly
Ex:  1.The kaizen initiatives were discussed at length, in the meeting.
        2.The Board discussed the Project timeline challenges at length.
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