Dicas de Expressões em Inglês: In sync with (sincronizar), Go Through the roof (disparar), Rope in (Persuadir a fazer parte)

1. ´In sync with´  significa ´sincronizar´
 Meaning: synchronize, to be compatible with
In sync with

Ex:   1.The dolphins´ movements were completely in sync with each other.

2.The CEO´s ideas are totally in sync with the changing demands of the customers.
3.How do I sync my phone to my computer?
2. ´Go Through the roof´ significa  ´disparar ´ ou ´ficar fulo´
Meaning: 1. To rise or increase to a very high level

                   2. To get very angry

Go Through the roof
Ex.   1. Prices have gone through the roof.
   2.When I was expelled from the school, my parents went through the roof.

3.´Rope in ´ significa  ´persuadir a fazer parte´ 

Meaning : to persuade someone to participate in something
Rope in
Ex:  1. We roped in a few students to help us distribute food in the community.
2. I managed to rope in some friends to help me move out on Saturday.
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