Dicas de Expressões em Inglês: A cat has 9 lives, Zero in on, Stuck in a rut, Pay through the nose

1. ´A cat has 9 lives´ significa ´um gato tem 9 vidas´
 Meaning: To keep getting out of difficult or dangerous situations unharmed

Ex:   1.Ally has been missing for a few days. But I wouldn´t worry about her as she´s a survivor – cat has nine lives.     

2. ´Zero in on´ significa  ´focar ou apontar ou visar ´
Meaning: To direct all your attention to one thing; focus on one thing
Ex.   1.We must decide on our target market and zero in on it.
2.We´ve zeroed in on the real problem of the Project – unrealistic deadlines.

3.´Stuck in a rut ´ 

Meaning: : too fixed in one particular type of job, activity, method etc. and needing to change
1.I need to change my job – after 10 years here I feel I´m stuck in a rut.
2.At 40, I felt my life was in a rut and so I decided to travel around the world.

4.´Pay through the nose ´ significa  ´pagar uma nota ou pagar o olho da cara´

Meaning: to pay too much for somethingto pay too much for something
1.I paidthroughthenose for my last vacation.
2.So many peoplepaythroughthenosejust to live in the center of the city.
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